AFT CT 2019 Convention

Below are links to material provided to delegates attending 2019 AFT Connecticut Convention on May 18, 2019.
Click here to access convention-related material provided to local union leaders ahead of the event.
Title Type Description
AFT CT 19 Const Amndmnt Prpsl
Proposed amendment to constitution & bylaws submitted prior to 2019 AFT Connecticut Convention and provided to delegates for consideration and vote to approve.
AFT CT 19 Policy Res Prpsl
Proposed AFT Connecticut policy resolution submitted for consideration and approval by delegates to AFT Connecticut 2019 Convention.
AFT CT 19 Conv Budget Prpsl
Proposed budget for 2019-20 submitted to AFT Connecticut 2019 Convention delegates.
AFT CT 19 Conv Exec Comm Noms
Officer & Executive Committee nominations voted on by delegates to AFT Connecticut 2019 convention.
AFT CT 19 Conv For Record
Includes state federation leadership, staff, representation and legal case assignments, standing committees, affiliations and attorney contact information.
AFT CT 19 Conv Reports
Includes annual reports for delegates by state federation leadership, the social justice committee chair and legal counsel.
AFT CT 19 Finance Report
Includes detailed state federation budget development and adoption process, proposed 2019-20 blueprint (also above) and independent auditor’s financial statements and report for fiscal years 2018-19.
AFT CT 19 Conv Business
Includes rules for debate and parliamentary procedure, minutes from the 2018 convention, proposed Constitutional Amendment and resolution (also above) and properly submitted Officer & Executive Committee nominations (also above).
AFT CT 19 Conv Awards
Includes "Awards" program recognitions, citations and scholarship recipients as well as "Unionist of the Year," Phyllis H. Kornfeld Golden Achievement and President's Award honorees.